Gather at the Table Potluck

Last night was a stellar evening for organizers at a Potluck held at the Community Church of NY.  Authors Sharon Morgan and Thomas Norman DeWolf shared excerpts from their new book with those in attendance.  The book, Gather at the Table, is a collaborative effort between the pair, who formed a very unique and intentional friendship.  Although I was unable to be there myself, I have heard the experience was heartwarming and inspirational– attendees have said they left with a greater sense of humanity, hope and with an end to racism in sight!  Deep gratitude to Sharon and Tom for sharing their story with the rest of us!

Two people—a black woman and a white man—confront the legacy of slavery and racism head-on 
Thomas DeWolf—a descendent of slaveholders—and Sharon Morgan—a descendent of slaves—come together to openly discuss how the legacy of slavery and racism has impacted their lives. Together, they disclose the various difficulties and rewards they experience as individuals striving to heal. Gather at the Table is a timely, candid, and deeply relevant book that offers an engaging model of restorative justice.



Thank you Sharon and Tom!!!!

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