Anti-Racist Alliance NYC Area

Anti-Racist Alliance NYC Area

Hey all.  I’m Devon, and I am interning for the Anti-Racist Alliance of the NYC Greater Metro Area.  It is a beautiful day here in NYC, mild and hazy so no squinting as I try to find my various stops this afternoon.  I hear it is going to rain eventually- maybe I’ll get a little shower to wake me up before classes this evening?

Sandy Bernabei (a co-creator of the ARA NYGMA) and I met this afternoon to discuss my current tasks for the movement.  Amongst other things, I am working on organizing a newsletter for the area, in hopes to help connect activists and organizers here to each other.  Sandy is verrrry excited!  She brought up a really creative idea- why not blog as I go–put up all the latest news I can uncover as I uncover it! This way, all you stellar social changers can get right to work with each other!

In the following weeks, months, or however long it takes me to put out the finished blog, I will be providing updates on what’s up within the organizing groups and individuals.

I invite anyone reading this blog to post support for all the awesome stuff happening in the world of anti-racist organizing here in the NYC area.  I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to see individuals sharing their own work and personal stories that we might not know about–and kudos for getting things started on your own!

Alright folks, enjoy reading about the many anti-racist activities going on ’round here, and thank you all for being such positive change makers and gate keepers!

❤ Devon

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